Loden Properties is a Raleigh-based urban development company that specializes in creating places that draw from the unique characteristics and needs of the community.


LODEN properties is a Raleigh-based development company that assembles multifaceted teams to create magnetic hospitality, retail and mixed-use experiences. We focus on urban projects that contribute in a meaningful way to our community. Just as the lodestone is a naturally magnetic mineral, and the lodestar is our wayfinding north star, LODEN manifests the belief that the built environment should serve as both a magnet and a guide for their community, to be both a landmark and the destination.



LODEN Hospitality develops a variety of hospitality experiences including boutique hotels, branded hotels and restaurants. We seek projects that might be a little different or overlooked because we are driven by the opportunity to transform a place, bring people together and create unique experiences for our guests.



LODEN Properties partners with our sister company DJ Hotel Corp, to provide hospitality management services throughout the Triangle. DJ Hotel Corp, helmed by Jay Mahan, provides a full-range of hotel management services including revenue management, accounting, sales and marketing, food and beverage and human resources.